It's just a random collection of things I love, that I decided to draw.

There will be unapologetic fangirling.

In the spirit of comic con last week, I thought, hey MutantCon.

Part 1

I absolutely love your art :) Could I please request Hawkeye and Nightcrawler being goofballs together?


Hi, umm. If you're still accepting requests, do you do desktop wallpapers? Because if you do, can you do a Blink one? (i'm so sorry for sounding demanding >///<)

imageI hope this works!

Hello! I just found your blog and I wanted to say your art is the most adorable thing ever!! You are so talented! Also, I don't know if you already talked about this, if you did I'm sorry, but I was wondering what do you think about Banshee being dead?

Thanks you so very much!

I’m really bummed that Banshee is dead! Especially, since he’s definitely a pretty important x-man, that I feel deserves to be in more than one movie. Also, he’s one of my favorites to draw, so I’m bummed he won’t be showing up in anymore movies.

That being said, I don’t think that Days of Future Past could’ve effectively handled another character. I think that would’ve messed with the flow of the movie, which was very good. But, I wish they could’ve found a way to not have Banshee in the movie, without killing him. Kind of like what they did with Havoc. 

Charles is cosplaying as a Harry Potter character, and Erik, in true Erik fashion, is not having any of it.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. Been at Comic Con!!! I actually brought my computer and tablet so this wouldn’t happen, but I forgot the charger…be back to posting tomorrow.

Can you draw Logan and Rogue please? I just love them together!!


Ok so for a request. Could you draw Erik and Charles teaching a class at the school


Hey, I love your blog, it's really cool! Especially their faces, all cute and round. Could you do Erik descending from the window in DOFP (when he's after Mystique) He looked totally bad-ass in that scene...