It's just a random collection of things I love, that I decided to draw.

There will be unapologetic fangirling.
Happy birthday to your bloody amazing blog! #80 for dofp! Charles and Erik playing an intense game of three-dimensional chess! Cheers! Love your art to pieces <333


I bet Hank bought them this.

Thursdays around here have become Supernatural Support Group, which is amazing. 

I asked my friend what to draw the other day, and somehow we ended up with dinosaur Thomas Jefferson. Don’t ask. 

hello, you are a gift, the xmen fandom needs 1000x more artists like you. could you maybe possibly draw erik crying, in whatever context you like?


Far away, Charles can be heard saying, “Dry your eyes Erik.”

Omg I just found your blog! I love your drawings :) if you're not too busy could I request a drawing of Storm & Wolverine? I love them! PS you're awesome!


Doing some color meme challenge, so that’s why Logan is blue.

Always taking requests btw :)

“Rage and Serenity from the soundtrack is practically a love theme for Charles and Erik because it’s a combination of their own individual Leitmotifs. This essay explains in more detail what makes the piece so poignant.
“…at 0:42, a small melodic motif is introduced, which seems to generally be used as Charles’ theme in the film. This continues to play as Charles acts as a mentor and friend to Erik, showing him the memory, and telling him to try again.
At 1:19 in the song, Erik’s theme comes in. Now, Erik has two themes: a calmer, somewhat arpeggiated electric guitar riff, and a more intense “Magneto” theme, generally used when he is doing something violent. The one used here is the calmer one. However, instead of taking over the music entirely, the guitar actually plays the theme in counterpoint to Charles’ theme, not sacrificing its unique timbre, but still blending in with the orchestra to create an amazing sound. The song builds to a climax as Erik finally moves the dish, and then fades away gently as Erik smiles and laughs, and Charles pats him on the back proudly.
This, more than anything, really enforces the metaphor that Erik and Charles are Rage and Serenity. They have their individual strengths and advantages, but they are stronger when working together to reach a single goal. And working together doesn’t erase either of their individual qualities—Erik is still Rage and Charles is still Serenity, just as the guitar is still a guitar and the orchestra is still an orchestra. Together, they create something new and better, something more than a sum of its parts, as the popular saying goes. That’s why the relationship between Charles and Erik is so powerful, and why this scene is so emotionally charged—they were practically made for each other, each perfectly complementing the other.”” (x)

Love First Class’s OST. But DoFP is better IMO. Hope(Xavier’s Theme) is my favorite.

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Lost charger so doing some traditional stuff…

So I lost my computer charger, impeding my ability to upload anything.

So here’s three iterations of Charles saying their favorite phrase.

Apparently they are in hover chairs, and they shaved dofp Charles.

So I lost my computer charger. The new one should be here tomorrow, but that is to blame for my non-existent posting this week.

So enjoy 3 iterations of Charles using their favorite phrase. Sitting in hover chairs apparently.

Also, before they got here, they shaved dofp Charles.

Awwww I love your blog so much!!! and I saw you sick!charles and caring!erik ... I was wondering if you could do a sick! erik :D it would make my day

imageSo I had this idea that Charles is a total hypochondriac. And, Erik gets sick during First Class, so Charles wants to take care of him. Obviously, he doesn’t do a great job. But, Erik is so touched that someone actually cares about him he doesn’t even notice.